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Face Painting

I offer professional Face Painting with very high quality, FDA approved face painting-colors. You can book me for reasonable prices for all kind of events.
If you want, I can take pictures that you can download from my facebook site: Lawton-Artists, which is always up to date.

Or to see more face paintings, check this Gallery out.

I charge $59.95/hour for the first 2 hours, then 49.95 for every following hour. Plus Mileage. 

That includes: face painting, glitter tattoos and balloon twisting, so the children can choose, if you want.

If I am going to be outside, there will be a $20 outdoor fee

 For HIGH SPEED face painting events (25-35) faces /hour it's extra $10 per hour, plus it requires a line manager to prepare the kids etc..

I also provide Waterproof Face Painting for pool parties or sweat resistant events.
Check it out:

Please contact me for details with date, time and location, and we can go from there.


Neon - Black Light Face Painting

(Note: Neon colors are high quality colors, but are not all of them are tested by FDA yet, which means these are not labeled as FDA approved yet.
If you are concerned about reactions, please ask for a spot test prior the face painting )

Rules and regulations!

You are booking a professional Face Painting Artist, and I assure best quality in painting, face painting supply and maintaining (cleaning and sanitizing)

I use high quality products, cosmetic glitter, mainly FDA approved face painting pigments and I am very experienced being a face painter.

 Unfortunately, I also have to tell you about some Rules and Health Regulations when it comes to Face Painting.   So here we go.....

1.  Please keep all food and drinks away from pigments, due to food allergies and sanitation.

2.  For Health reasons, I cannot paint a person who has open sores, scabs, chicken pox, conjunctivitis, a runny nose, or shows signs of any contagious illness, like common cold, flu, or rashes. Please make sure they have CLEAN faces.

3.  Every person should get only one face painting.  (This is to make sure that ALL the people in attendance have an opportunity to get their faces done. When everybody is done, then I can consider doing a second painting (on arm etc… or glitter tattoo or balloon.
I do NOT overpaint face paintings. (to keep my pigments clean)

4.  I can do custom designs if time allows.... (if there are more than 5 people in line, custom designs will not be done. And I might drop some details, to safe time, so everybody can get painted)

5. Parents, please keep your children back!  My equipment is very expensive....

I appreciate  an at least  3 Ft. radius around me, depending on age, some do not understand why, but  If they put their fingers in my pigments or sneeze or cough on my pigments, I will have no choice but to stop and sanitize EVERYTHING!!!!  This means, I am pretty much done painting for the day.   

6.  To remove pigments, use a baby wipe to gently swipe a small area, and then slowly move to another area.  if you just wash the face... this will cause the pigments to muddy up and make a huge mess!!!  Some colors may stain the skin but will fade.  to remove the stain, use SOAP and washcloth and gently rub the area. 
Waterproof face paintings are removed by using liquid soap (no water!), or baby oil, let the pigments get picked up, then wipe gently away. Repeat if necessary..

7. To help the pigment stay longer, you can ask for a special sealing spray in advance. When eating cut or tear up the food into bite size pieces and eat as you would potato chips.  Use a straw when drinking.   I also have waterproof pigments available. These pigments are especially suitable for pool parties. Feel free to ask if they are available at your event. (probably for an extra charge)

8.  I am NOT responsible for any accidents, damages or injuries inflicted while attending your event.  While I use FDA approved pigments, there is still a small percent of people who may have a reaction to the cosmetics.  If you are concerned about a reaction, please let me know ahead of time to do a spot test.  Please inform other parents of this matter prior to the child being painted.

9.  Deposit is NON REFUNDABLE.  And date and time is not saved until the deposit has been received.

10.  You can pay me when I arrive or when I am done face painting. But I cannot accept waiting time. If I have to wait for payment, I will have to charge $2/minute waiting. If I am late for a following event because I had to wait for payment, there will be extra costs for the lost time.   Local checks will be accepted. Please make it out to:  Bianca Hannah, Lawton-Artists

11.  If at any time I feel unsafe or any acts of violence or illegal activity erupt, I will leave the event.  Any damage inflicted upon me or my equipment will be charged to you or your insurance. (This has NEVER happened but I have to cover my equipment)

12.  Children are not the only ones that should be painted!!!!  Have fun and get painted too!!!  Your children will have a blast and this will be a memory that they will treasure for a very long time!!! 

Upcoming Schedule of Events

Date Time Event
7/1/2005 5:00pm Company Picnic at Shallowford Farms
7/11/2005 2:00pm Walk-a-thon for Charity
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